Artist Palette is a virtual palette that can be used to blend paint colors without wasting a single drop of paint. Whether you are a veteran painter or a newbie, mix colors, explore tints, tones and shades, and store the blended colors for future reference. This virtual palette also doubles up as a color chart so that you will never forget how to recreate your favorite mixed colors for your next masterpiece.

Unleash the artist in you! Save money on paints!


  • To mix colors choose from 24 available paint colors or add your own colors.
  • Add new colors and expand your palette colors upto 50.
  • Delete an user added color.
  • Create and explore tints,shades and tones of colors.
  • Refer to the included mixed colors blended from actual paints.
  • Check RGB colors for other combinations.
  • Snap a picture of colors mixed by you and store for future reference.
  • Replace the included mixed colors blended from actual paints with your mixed colors.
  • Lookup mixed colors , find the color proportions and mix more to add to your color chart.
  • Delete a mixed color.
  • No in-app purchase.
  • No third party advertisement.


Included default mixed colors blended from actual paints may vary from your mixed colors depending on different brands.Digital Colors (RGB values) may be different from your actual paint colors.

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